In the world there is nothing more expensive than health. You can’t buy health, but you can buy the necessary medicines in pharmacies, medical devices, orthopedic products and other means that will help maintain health.  Deshimed Online Pharmacy  was created in order to help every person In Bangladesh. It presents a wide range of products that you can choose from the comfort of your home. How does the pharmacy chain work? Why is Deshimed Online Pharmacy is profitable, reliable and convenient?

The pharmacy chain Deshimed operates in Dhaka and the another Division Region. This is a network of retail pharmacies, which presents a huge number of medical devices, medicines and other goods.

Bangladeshi pharmacies then attract new customers, when in addition to a wide selection of goods, they can boast of favorable prices, interesting promotions, good service. All these requirements are met by our Online pharmacy, which appeared on the market in 2018. “Deshimed is not just a pharmacy that you can run into on the way to work or home, it is also a modern Bangladeshi online pharmacy.

Deshimed Pharmacy offers its customers a huge selection of medicines and other products. The assortment is replenished constantly, taking into account the demand and wishes of customers. What can I buy in an online pharmacy?

Medicines: More than 27,500 thousand Medicines;

Biologically active food additives (BAA): More than 1000 items;

Vitamins: More than 300 items;

Orthopedic products: More than 300 products;

Medical devices: More than 200 items;

Baby care products and baby food: Bbout 3000 items;

Hygiene products, cosmetics and household chemicals: More than 3000 items;

Goods for sports and proper nutrition:More than 200 items;

Optics: About 300 products;

Insect repellents: More than 30 products;

Other medical products and other products.

Only certified products are sold in the pharmacy network, because caring for the health of every person in Bangladesh is the main goal of the online pharmacy.

Many buyers choose Deshimed because it is a cheaper pharmacy compared to others. Prices in the pharmacies  of Deshimed are much lower than in other pharmacies in Bangladesj and Asian region. It is low prices and a huge selection of Medicine that attract more and more new customers every day in Bangladesh and Specially Dhaka region.

In addition, it is possible to save additionally and buy Medicine and health supply at lower prices. To do this, pre-order and pick it up in 1-3 days. You can pre-order by phone or directly at the Deshimed Points. But the most convenient way to do this is on the Deshimed online pharmacy website.

Deshimed always informs its customers about current discounts and promotions. Promotions and discounts help not only to take care of the health of the whole family, but also save the family budget.

In order to purchase medicines or other health products through Deshimed online pharmacy, you must register on Registration on the site is very simple. You just need to fill in a few fields. You will need to enter the email address, last name and first name, phone number in the appropriate fields. Still need to come up with a password. If desired, it can be changed.

A personal account will be automatically created on the site, in which personal data will be displayed. If you wish, you can add your photo in your account and enter additional information about yourself: middle name, date of birth. Why do I need a personal account? It will display data on all orders made through the online store, and their status.

The “Prescriptions” button is displayed in the personal account, by clicking on which the user enters the section of the personal account in which one can store selected Medicines in appropiate prescription for family members. It can be those medicines and medical and other supplies that you plan to buy or acquires very often. The “Favorites” section of the online pharmacy allows you to find the right medicine quickly and not waste time searching for them.

Even in your account there is a button “My Points”, when clicked, the Customer gets into a very useful section where you can save links to those of our Points in which it is most convenient to pick up an order. As a rule, they are pharmacies in Dhaka or other cities located near the house, work and those places that the user visits often.

Before you order Medicines and other goods through an online pharmacy In Bangladesh, you need to go through a simple registration on the site. Next, you need to choose those medicines that the customer wants to purchase. To find the right medicine, you can use the search box on the site or select the right product through the catalog. All selected medicines and other products must be added to the basket. However, before this you need to decide on the address at which it will be most convenient to pick up the Medicines or Where it will be delivered. The customer will see if there is a Medicine in the pharmacy and in what quantity, as well as information on how much it costs when pre-booking and when redeeming directly from the Deshimed Point.

After adding all the products to the basket, click the “Place an order” button. And a window opens in front of the Customer, in which all information about the order will be visible: order number, its Items, the total purchase price, address and telephone number of the pharmacy. If the buyer has difficulties how to buy goods at the pharmacy online, then he will be offered advisory assistance on the site. He will receive comprehensive answers to all questions of interest quickly in real time.

There are indications and contraindications for taking any medication. In addition, each medicine has side effects. The buyer may not know about this, and many do not read the annotation for medicines. That is why a physical examination of both an adult and a child is strongly recommended before taking any drug.

The patient himself may mistake his disease for another or not see the symptoms of another more serious disease. Precious time for treatment is sometimes missed, so the outcome of the disease can be unfavorable. Timely medical examination avoids such errors in the choice of drugs. After examination and diagnosis, the doctor prescribes treatment for the patient. We strongly recomend prescription for medicines. 

Deshimed online pharmacy allows you to order medicines and other  health products directly to your home or office, and almost every online store works on this principle. However, for drugs this is prohibited by law.

Therefore, Deshimed online pharmacies deliver selected products only to the selected areas , and the purchase of medicines and other products is carried out by the buyer personally in this online pharmacy.

What is the advantage of an online pharmacy? The fact that the buyer is guaranteed to get what he needs. For example, in the midst of respiratory infections and influenza, patients are forced to go to several pharmacies in their area in search of commonplace drugs, as some drugs in pharmacies very quickly disassemble. An online pharmacy helps you book the right products for each customer, and if they are short, they will go to the pharmacy from the  company warehouse. Another advantage of online pharmacies in Bangladesh is that the prices in these pharmacies are lower than in many other networks. All these advantages are provided by the pharmacy chain Deshimed

All Deshimed point  in Bangladesh and Divisional regions are displayed on a map that opens on the site in front of the buyer. The point address can be selected in several ways:

– Decide on a map in which area it will be most convenient to pick up an order and decide on a specific address; Select a point from the My Pharmaciy point list in your account.

– It is very convenient that the nearest point station and the time that you need to spend on the way from the station to the pharmacy are indicated near each address. Any buyer can easily plan his visit to the pharmacy up to a minute.

– Or provide perfect address where we delivery. check the list from our delivery area list. 

Deshimed pharmacy points  are located in different areas of the city, but most pharmacy points are located in the north of the Dhaka city. Every month, more and more new pharmacy point open, so very soon Deshimed  will become the most convenient pharmacy network for every resident or guest of the country . They are pleased to note that this is a cheap pharmacy with the most convenient service.

The search for health drugs in pharmacies in Bangladesh and Divisional region is convenient and simple with the online pharmacy of Bangladesh. If the buyer knows the name of the necessary drug, then it must be entered in the search bar on the site. Before the buyer opens the necessary medication. It remains only to choose the desired dosage form (for example: tablets, suspension, suppositories, drops) and be sure to pay attention to the dosage and size of the package. You can use the alphabetical index to find the right medicine or other product. Every buyer should know that medicines cannot be returned and exchanged, so it is important to be careful and make the right choice right away.

Sometimes the buyer does not know what specific medicine or other product he needs. In this case, you can use the catalog and select a product from the proposed list. The list of products in the catalog is very convenient.

For example, how to buy baby food? You must click the “Catalog” button in the upper left corner of the site, select the “Mom and Baby” section in the drop-down list of products. To the right of the list of sections, a list of product groups of the selected section opens. There is a “Baby Food” button in this list. When you go to the corresponding page, more than 30 items of goods from the baby food section will open. You can view them all or use an additional filter of goods (for example: by price, by manufacturer).

In the same way, you can find any other product or medicine of interest. However, compulsory medical examination and examination is recommended before taking any drug. It is worth noting that some drugs are sold only on prescription (for example, antibiotics). The buyer can reserve any medicine at the pharmacy, but if it is a prescription, the pharmacist at the pharmacy will ask him for a doctor’s prescription. If the client does not present the prescription, then the prescription medicine will not be dispensed.

The availability of drugs is automatically displayed on the site in the selected categories . The buyer sees how many packages of goods are available in the pharmacy. If not everything is available, then you can choose another category or brand and check the availability of drugs and other goods in it or make a pre-order. In this case, the goods will be delivered to the your home from the warehouse within one to three days.

When buying medicine, you can save by pre-ordering on the site. Pre-order prices are significantly lower than prices when purchasing goods from stock. What is the difference? Upon pre-order, Deshimed online pharmacy receives goods from a company warehouse within one to three days. The fact that the pharmacy received the goods from the warehouse and is ready for delivery, the buyer is informed by SMS and email. The letter displays the order number, the date of its execution, the address of the pharmacy and the telephone.

The Online pharmacy chain in Bangladesh called Deshimed is actively developing in Dhaka. Several dozen point have already opened. Where else is the pharmacy Deshimed except Dhaka? Two point opened in the Chittagong region in Agrabad. Every month, the points Deshimed opens more and more. New points will be opened in Dhaka, in the Chittagong , Khulna , Barisal , Sylhet and and in other regions of Bangladesh.